Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haitian Relief: One More Reason to BUY STAMPS NOW

If you're like me, it seems everything I'm doing these days is reminding me of Haiti. As I was getting my eyes examined today, I thought, "There's no care like this available in Haiti." As I was driving down the debris-free highway, I realized, "There isn't one road like this in Port-Au-Prince." While I was washing my comforter at the laundromat: "Most people in Haiti only have the clothes on their backs and no clean water to clean them." The entire situation has impacted me in a way that other international disasters haven't, and I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because the devastation is so comprehensive that no facet of their lives has been untouched. None. I have given a little money and I've said some prayers, but it doesn't seem like enough.

That's why I'm excited that SU! is giving me something--albeit small--to do to help Haiti: buy stamps. This set is called I {Heart} Hearts, and it is available in clear mount (item #118571) and wood block (item #117010).

SU! announced today that $2 of every sale through Feb. 28 will go to American Red Cross' Haiti Relief and Development Fund. All you have to do to buy this set is click on my shop 24/7 icon on the right, click shop now at my demonstrator business website, and place an order. The stamps will come directly to your door, and you can use them to spread the love to those around you who need to know how you feel about them. Everyone in Haiti wants another chance to tell those they lost that they love them, so don't waste the opportunity you have to say those important words to those in your life. By buying stamps, you'll be showing the people of Haiti your love, even though you may never meet them. Think about it.

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