Monday, January 4, 2010

2010. New Decade. Same Ol' Need to be Organized

Welcome to the new year and new decade. I heard some really good advice about New Year's resolutions yesterday: before you decide what you want to do, determine WHO you want to BE. You're going to be something, you might was well decide what it is. Well, one of the characteristics I want people to know me by is my creativity! How about you?

While you're contemplating that, I want to profile a new project that will help solve the dilemma you face when you're in the car and need a piece of paper to jot something down. We've all been there. Someone calls and wants to communicate some important information, we want to remember the name of a cool tune on the radio, or we have a thought pop into our brains that we know we'll lose forever if we don't write down. Well, scramble no more--I have the solution!

This is what I call a Thought Keeper. It's a slim, 5.25" square metal tin that has a cool design on the outside--so it's easy to find among all the maps, napkins, owner's manuals, etc. that ends up in the glove compartment of your car--and a calendar and notepad on the inside. These were designed by Andrea Walford and Sophia Landry, sisters and Canadian SU! demonstrators with busy lives and lots to keep track of.

Mine replaces a ratty notebook I made 2 years ago to keep track of my mileage. It's falling apart, and I was so excited to find this design. Everything I write down will stay inside the tin until I am ready to remove it! I used retired Urban Garden DSP and non-SU! chipboard letters to decorate the exterior.

I also made one for my husband. He started a new business last fall, and while he was doing his expense report he shared that he needed something to write down his mileage in, since he keeps forgetting to keep track of it for tax purposes. I can help you, honey! His is pretty basic and plain, because I didn't want to incorporate embellishments that might get snagged by other things while it's in the center console of his truck. Let's just say it's not the neatest space! He's left-handed, so his notepad is oriented so that he'll be able to write easily. His is decorated using Manchester DSP, and I chose the striped to suggest the lines on the highway.

I'm offering these for $15 each at a class I'll be offering Jan. 16 at my home. If you're interested in attending, please let me know! Those who attend will be able to choose from my current inventory of DSP and will create their own color scheme for their project.

If you're interested in obtaining one of these as a "make at home" kit, I can provide all the pieces you'll need--you'll supply the adhesive--for the cost of the supplies plus shipping. Again, leave a comment with an email contact, and I'll get in touch with you. This option will only be available AFTER my class registration has closed. I have 8 tins available.

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