Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wedding Present

(This was supposed to post while I was gone last weekend, but I forgot to schedule it. Enjoy!) My cousin closest in age to me on my dad's side is getting married this weekend, and as you read this, I'm on my way via car to bear witness to the nuptials. Because funds are tight these days, my gift is my presence, but I didn't want to show up completely empty-handed. So I made these simple monogram cards using the color scheme from the wedding.

The base is Whisper White and the medallion is stamped on Real Red, matted with Basic Black. I hope they'll put them to good use as thank yous for all the wonderful gifts they'll receive.

Trip Postscript: Driving 1600 miles in 2 days to attend this wedding might be considered by some to be insane, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Time with family, whatever lengths you have to go to to have it, is time well spent, and you don't get another chance to experience some of life's events.

We were out of the car only about 3 more hours than we were in it, if you add it all up, but in that brief time I:
*saw my cousins, my niece and nephew, my aunts and uncles, my great aunts and uncles
*chatted with friends who met us along I69 at Starbucks (where else?) for late night coffee (decaf)
*listened to my niece play the few notes she knows on the flute she's learning to play
*made a spontaneous stop at a bakery on the way to the wedding and had great treats
*talked with my cousin about the narcissism of today's culture while speeding along I65
and witnessed a milestone event.

The happy couple is enjoying Hawaii, and I'm back in town, planning this month's Stamp-A-Stack and gearing up for the holiday card making season. And a good time was had by all!

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Chrisd said...

I completely understand. We have driven to Nj from Michigan for all important family events, so many times in the 30 years we lived here. The wackiest trip was a one day flight to surprise my cousin for her 60th birthday. We used up all my hubby's frequent flying miles and it was an occasion we never will forget. They were 2 hours from the airport each way...
But you can never forget the importance of family. Glad you had fun!