Thursday, July 17, 2008

Never Trust a 13-year-old's Opinion

I've been having a thing with my hair for several months now. The lovely profile picture that my friend, neighbor, and amazing professional photographer Heather Smith(click here to view some awesome pictures) took last fall isn't a true representation of what I've looked like since the spring. I've been growing my hair out, going for a longer, sleeker, chic look. It ended yesterday; just wasn't workin' for me. I'm not chic; I'm spunky--at least that's what I want to communicate with my hair.

So, I had it cut yesterday. Michael's first words once we were out of the salon were "it's ugly." He says it looks like I have a brain growing out of the side of my head. Refer to headline for this post.

Now, gals, I know I'm not wearing any makeup in this picture, but come on--it doesn't look like I have a brain tumor, does it? The boy just doesn't know style...

Bob, who is unusually opinionated about my hair, has yet to see this cut. He was at rehearsal last night, and I was asleep before he came home and left this morning while it was still dark. I took a shower and redid my hair after my 8-hour shift at Starbucks (where I have to wear a baseball cap!) so as to put my best self forward for his scrutiny. He probably won't like it, although he'll try to pretend he does. Doesn't matter really. I LIKE IT. 'Nuf said.


sandra said...

I don't think it looks anything that Michael says...and I prefer you with short hair anywhere: youa re the right type to the right cut.
I found , at least for my hair, that my haircut looks much better after about a week from the cut itself...I don't know why.

Steph said...

As long as you like it, who cares what anyone else thinks. I like it by the way.

Lydia said...

hahahha!! Boys are stupid!!!

I think it looks great and I LOVE your short hair - I'm jealous because I look like an idiot in short hair. I'd love to have your hairdo. I think you look very glamorous.

You tell Michael two brains are better than one, and make him go pick up dog poop!!


10 days!!!

PS - I love your card! Your card is the only one that has ever made me want that set!!

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

I think it's a wonderful haircut on you! Not only is he 13, but he's a BOY! Have you seen some of the styles THEY like to wear? LOL I'm sure you have!

jenn brown said...

I think it is a totally cute haircut on you!
If it makes you feel any better, my daughter also announced to me that she didn't like my "new short" haircut. After a little over a month, she was asking if she could get her haircut just like mine!