Saturday, July 12, 2008

Got Milk?

Inspiration comes when you least expect it. While I was coloring this character from Starving Artistamps called Numnum, I thought about the cookies he was holding and it hit me--make a cookie card for him to sit on top of! I had already been working with Creamy Caramel as my base, so I grabbed the Coluzzle circle cutting system and began to consider sizes. I found the one I wanted and had my circle. Getting the bite out of the cookie was also simple because I'd seen someone do something similar with an ice cream bar and the scallop punch. Voila! Partially eaten cookie.

I needed chocolate chips though. I searched through several of my sets, knowing I wasn't going to find anything quite right. Then I realized that I had leftover rubber! I cut some chip shapes, stuck them to the sticky backing, inked them up, and added chips! Getting hungry yet?

The striped panel with "numnum" on it came about because there are mini versions of each of these creatures included on the large sheet of rubber, and each one's named. I separated that quickly from the image so that I could use it for the application you see. The rest came together quickly, but now there's the dilemma: plate or napkin?

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Lydia said...



Do you know I've never made a card with NumNum and I LOVE HIM - you have made him come to life for me here - adorable!!!!!!