Friday, July 11, 2008

A Departure

I have sweet friends. One of them, after I made a comment on her blog about one of the creature images she featured on a card, sent me the entire set of images (made by Starving Artistamps) so that I could play with them and make my own creatures! Isn't that so nice?!

I've tried to play with these guys for awhile now, but haven't had an idea that really struck me as one I could carry through to completion and have it look like I wanted it to. But they continued to stare longingly at me from my craft table and beckoning me to play with them, so I tried again today.

They say that trying things outside your comfort zone is a good exercise. Well, this was that for me! These guys are very cute and strange and wacky, and I wanted that to translate to my card.

I chose Yapples. Doesn't "WHAT?!?" seem like something that would come screaming out of his mouth? I tried to keep the card focused on him, and I think his red body made it pretty certain where I wanted you to direct your attention. It was a fun card to make, although next time I'll use black ink as the outline.

These stamps are red rubber cling mount stamps. They come as a full sheet with no backing. You cut them out, adhere them to sticky foam mount, and then they cling, with static electricity or some other sort of magic, to a clear acrylic block. It's very nice, because you can see where to position the image on the paper! It was a completely different stamping experience, and I'm glad I persisted. What other sayings do you imagine Yapples saying?


Deborah W said...

He's saying, "Honey, I'm Home!!!" He's adorable!

kat said...

LOVE IT! As a little additional information about unmounted stamps like these, you can also buy one package of 'Tack 'n Peel' [availabe at your LSS, plus Michael's & Joann's]. You use just one small piece of it on your acrylic block [nothing on the stamps] and all the stamps will stick to your block. Much more economical & easier than putting foam mount on each & every stamp. I found this out after many, many sheets of foam mount! btw. I am NOT affiliated with this product in any way.

Lydia said...

hahaha!! I laughed out loud when I saw this - it's brilliant!! He IS saying that!!

Hilarious. Great job.

Lorraine Castellon-Rowe said...

I LOVE this card!! I totally cracked up when I saw it. I can't think of a better word that "WHAT?". Great job! Love the DSP together too. I would have never thought of layering 2 of the dsp's together. DUH!! :0) Gonna' have to try that one!!
Thanks for the laugh and the great blog!

Lorraine Castellon-Rowe said...

Ok, just thought of something...what about "SWEET!" or "EEEEK!" or "WHO ME?!?" or "KISS ME!" or "PLEASE". Ok, that's enought for now. Have fun with him!
Lorraine...again. :0)