Thursday, April 3, 2008

My evening summed up: 1500 and ARGH!!

I strive to put forth my best work on this website, but tonight I thought you deserved to see what the best intentions can produce, just so you know that not everything I make turns out beautifully!

Here's the story behind this little rant: I finished the 50 "save the date" postcards for my clients this evening. Wrote the numerals 1-30 fifty times. WOW! My wrist is sore!

Earlier this week I'd seen another crafter post on her blog about some wedding invitations she made for her clients and how she packaged them. I thought that would be an excellent finishing touch and so I decided to try something similar.

I worked REALLY hard to measure all this out so that it looked balanced and followed the theme of their postcards. As I'm finishing Kimmy's name, I lose control of the "m" as I'm placing it! I decided that I could live with it, since I'd already finished Christian's name at the bottom. Well, when I finish getting their date placed in the middle of the piece, I look down at Christian's name and see THIS!!

ARGH!!! HOW DID THAT GET THERE!!! Now the whole thing's shot, and I'm in no mood to redo it. So much for beautious packaging for my couple's postcards.

I did start out intending to present these to Kimmy and Christian with a simple brown grosgrain ribbon tied in a bow. I think that'll look nice enough, even though they'll be in a bag to protect them. Serves me right, trying to be all fancy.

Here's what the postcard ended up looking like in its final form. These were a lot of work, as every single element had to be placed with the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig, but I think they'll be really proud to send them out to friends and family.

I learned from this process that mass producing's harder than it looks, and that I enjoy it more when it's less precise! Still, this was a great experience.


Lydia said...

But they are sooooo cute!! The "ARGH" doesn't show at all!!!

You are amazing!!

sandra said...

amazing job: I don't know if I could do a massive production of cards all so beautiful!!!