Monday, April 28, 2008

Card Box #3--New Baby Wishes

This is a rarity, having 3 card layouts come to me so easily! This is how this one came to be...

I had large triangles of So Saffron card stock that I was trying to incorporate into the last card design. I cut them down and was left with this trapezoid (it has been quite some time since geometry class, but I think this is what this shape is called), and my mind immediately associated it with a boat hull. Add some cute stripy sails in boy colors, and I had all the makings of a baby card!

This saying is another reason I was drawn to this set. I've been on the hunt for a sentiment that wasn't too cutesy for baby cards, and couldn't find one. This one's very nice, don't you think? I don't believe babies to be accidents of nature--just the melding of biology. I do think they are sent from God, known by Him before they are born. So, these words express what I want to say when congratulating new parents.

The box is about full. The envelopes take up more room and force the cards to be placed at an angle. I'd like to try to make one more, though. We'll see what tomorrow brings! Thanks for stopping by...

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