Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart Day, Friends!

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday of the year. I know so many people boycott it, saying it's an invented money making rouse by Hallmark and all, but I really think it's a great thing that we have a special day set aside to tell those in our lives how much we care for them. I hope you've found specific ways to share your feelings with your loved ones.

Today's card isn't really a card, but an invitation/bookmark reminder that I sent to all my regular customer-friends to remind them about the upcoming stamp-a-stack (SAS) that's being held next Saturday. The stamp comes from the Level 1 Hostess set A Little Bit of Happiness, and I think it's very sweet. I really find coloring relaxing, but I had 30+ of these to make, so I colored...selectively. The color combination of Real Red, Pixie Pink, along with marker colors Orchid Opulence and Lovely Lilac make for a great look. I don't do much with the Bold Brights color family, but every time I do, I like how it turns out. Hmmmm...perhaps that's a sign?

Now that I've done the obligatory stamping talk, let's get down to the nitty gritty and talk about what this day is REALLY all about: CHOCOLATE!! Some of you may recall that, before I moved to GA, I worked in a gourmet chocolate shop. Somebody had to do it. Today is the busiest day of the year, and the lines are out the door. I used to go in a few hours before the store opened at 10a to help the manager, my dear friend Jodie, box up the chocolate dipped strawberries that had been made earlier--as in 5a--that morning. The customers probably started pulling on the door handle about 9:45, hoping to get their last-minute gift, and the boxing of chocolates and tying of red bows has been non-stop all day, I'm sure. Can you tell that I feel like I'm missing out by not being there? It's a CRAZY day, but a great day too, and I wish I could be part of the mix.

I have a fellow "Southerner by Choice", Julie, who moved here about a year before we did, and she and I knew each other through Graham's Fine Chocolates & Ice Cream. I worked there and she was a loyal and enthusiastic customer. I pinged her last week to find out if she was ordering these fine chocolates--please don't demean them by calling them "candy"--for her children. She was happy I'd reminded her, and so we went together on an order and surprised our families today.

My guys found ooey gooey bars in their lunchboxes, and I have replenished my stash of triple dipped dark chocolate malt balls. Oooey gooey bars start with a thick layer of homemade caramel that is topped with homemade marshmallow. (Did I mention that this is a gourmet chocolatier I worked for, and that everything's handmade? Drooling yet?) Then the whole thing is hand dipped in milk or dark chocolate. And those malt balls? You didn't see those...they're already in my secret hiding place, to be rationed out one delicious mouthful at a time. I'm a bad sharer, so don't even ask.

If you're interested in getting some of your own, you can call them--although they won't be answering the phone today because there are just too many customers to deal with face-to-face--at 630-221-1199 and ask for Jodie, or you can see more of what they have to offer at their website. Trust me...your mouth will thank you.

You may wonder what Bob and I are doing to celebrate our luv. Well, we don't do Valentine's Day. We have our own special day tomorrow. Why tomorrow? When we were engaged, we couldn't be together on the 14th. Neither of us can remember why. So we decided to move our celebration to the following day, and we've done it that way ever since. We normally don't exchange gifts--that's not really my "love language" (I nixed flowers many years back)--but this year I have a little something for him. I love surprising special people in my life with something they've mentioned they want but didn't realize anyone was really listening. I'm certain he doesn't remember even mentioning this, but I know he'll like it.

What is your wish for this Valentine's Day? Chocolate? Flowers? A present? A card with words of affirmation and affection? Stamps? Whatever it is, I hope you get it!


sandra said...

Happy Valentines' day to you, dear friend. Paul and I went out for dinner together since both husbands are on a business trip!!! But Valentine's day is also about friendship and we celebrated it together!

L. said...

I wished for bacon! :) so we had BLT's for dinner.

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Love your bookmark! That is such a sweet little gift that I never thought of giving to people!