Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Taste of Winter

I love watching snow fall at night. The lazy drifting down of the flakes captured by the light of the streetlight is simply elegant. The really beautiful thing about this is that it's not sticking to the roads, so the kids will have school tomorrow (I hope).

Just a gorgeous, rare site.

EDITED at 9:09pm: Amazing. The schools are already closed for tomorrow and there's about 1/2" on the ground. Life in the South...makes this Midwesterner born and bred, survivor of the blizzard of '78 and numerous other true winters with real snow days, feel like a wuss!

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sandra said...

nothing like Illinois, but for my daughter Olivia was the first snow (and she asked Santa Claus for it) and we stayed outside for a an hour last night doing snow angels...