Saturday, January 5, 2008

Merry Christmas to ME!

EDITED TO ADD: Many of you want to know where my savvy husband purchased this way cool storage unit. I pointed him to Storage Units Ink and he took it from there. There are many options to choose from, but mine is the Wall Unit. Glad this post brought some of you out of hiding! Nice to hear from ya'll!

Oh, happy day! I worked at Starbucks this morning from 6a-noon, and then went to a family lunch. When we came home, a beautiful box from FedEx ground was waiting on my porch. What was inside transformed what my craft table looked like (above--excuse the poor quality), to this:

I LOVE storage that's so well thought out!! This one holds all 4 SU! color families, as well as the coordinating marker and reinker for each color. This was my fantastic husband's gift to me, and it's just right! The In Colors are on top, and now the makeshift boxes are going in the recycling.

The only downside of getting this is that I'm tired from getting up so early, so I'm going to have to nap before I can "break it in". It's also going to have to be polyurethaned to protect the wood from stray ink, so I'll have to unpack it next weekend. Still, it was worth waiting for!


sandra said...

that storage is amazing and you ahve a lot of colors!!!!

Nancy Riley said...

Jenn, you will LOVE your new stamp pad/reinker/marker storage system! I have one just like it and couldn't live without it! Brilliant design! You're more energetic than me though ... I haven't polyurethaned mine, and probably never will. Will you do mine? LOL!