Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Scoring Points...

I learned a new way to create a background over the weekend, and I want my stampers on Saturday to learn it too! It may be a bit hard to see (and, of course, I didn't take a picture of it by itself!), but the mat underneath the main image is scored in a diamond pattern. This is really easy to do, provided you take it slowly and keep your head about you.

First, insert your card stock into your paper cutter and make sure the scoring blade is in place. (For those unitiated to scoring, a paper cutter comes with an accessory blade that doesn't cut paper, but creates a wonderful crease, depending where you place the paper!) Score the entire card base at the 1/2" mark on all four sides. Then you put the card on the diagonal, align the points, and score down the middle. Then you move that line 1/2" to the left, make sure that line is straight, and score again. You repeat that until you get to the edge of the interior square or rectangle created by the initial scoring. Half of the interior space should now be scored. Flip it around so that the remaining blank side is to your right and repeat the process. I promise it's not as hard as it sounds. I benefited greatly from a visual tutorial done by Debbie Olson at Thinking Inking, so if you're confused (sorry!) check out the link. The dots in the corners are added using the Cropadile. Another fun tool that does unexpected things!

Well, I need to get some lunch and get back to cutting paper! Have a great day!

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sandra said...

I love that card and thanks for the supplies!!!