Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stampin' at Starbucks

WOW! What a fun afternoon I just had! Today was the first day for customers, friends of mine, and anyone who just happened in off the street to make a Christmas card for a recovering soldier spending the holidays at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Things started off slowly, and I was feeling a bit vulnerable sitting in the cafe with all my supplies set up and nobody to stamp with. But then they began to arrive. My first stampers were a family with 2 elementary aged boys, Spencer and Hunter. Their mom Alecia, is a regular. Her husband even came along and made a card, though he claimed he wasn't crafty (he did great!).

When they finished, Kayla, a high school student, and her mom Julie, along with 7-year-olds Ramsey, Ashlin, and Kim sat down and put together cards. The girls were very happy to use their muscles to punch out the circles, and even more serious about the messages they wrote inside. They moved to a separate table so they could take their time to write and free up the stamping space. Precious, I tell you!

Next was Robby, another regular, who loves to stamp but just doesn't have a group of gals to do it with! We just found out about our shared passion for papercrafting this week, and she sent out an email to her friends about what I was doing! I hope she comes to my stamp-a-stack sometime.

Lisa and Jennifer and their daughters Katie and Kaitlyn (also 7) were next, and these girls really went to town decorating the inside of their cards. I know whoever receives these will be touched.

James, an avid crafter already at the age of 5, waited the longest, almost 15 minutes, for the table to clear so he could stamp with his mom, Jodie. Over and over, families thanked me for doing this, and asked if other Starbucks were doing this as well. To my knowledge, we're the only one, and the real kudos should go to Kimmy, my manager, for approaching me with the opportunity to stamp in the store. James was adorable, because he not only punched out circles, attached ribbon, and signed his name, he copied the words "Merry Christmas" in his own, very clear handwriting from one of the stamps I had...and included the fine print "copyright 2006 Stampin' Up!" wording on the stamp as well! So sweet.

The last two stampers of the day were "accidental stampers." They happened to sit at the table adjacent to my stamping area, which had been being used by stampers all afternoon. I was in the back of the store doing something when they took their seats, so when I came back, I said, "Oh, are you here to make a card?" The dad said that they were just sitting there, but Stirling's interest was piqued and she wanted to make a card. This sweet little 6-year-old worked very hard to make the card--she and everyone else commented about the mono adhesive!--and signed her entire name in large letters on the back. Then her brother, Ian, decided he wanted to make one. The children's grandparents were along for the afternoon outing, and they offered to buy me coffee for what I was doing! Ian stamped a few greetings on his card, and signed his name too.

It was so great to have our regulars respond to this opportunity, and to meet some new friends along the way. 18 hand stamped cards were created today, and I'm sure encourage health and healing in whoever receives them.

If you'd like to join the cause to bless a soldier this Christmas, feel free to join me at one of the following times:

Wednesday, Dec. 10, from 7-9 pm
Sunday, Dec. 14, from 2-4 pm
Tuesday, Dec. 16, from 1:30-3:30 pm

If you're not local, but you'd still like to participate, here's the address:

A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Ave. NW
Washington, Dc 20307-5001


Lydia said...

That is so awesome!!

I wish my Sbux would do that!!

sandra said...

congratulation Jen.