Sunday, December 14, 2008

Michael's Recital

This is really for the benefit of grandparents who live far away, but I hope you'll enjoy a few minutes of piano playing by our son.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you should be very proud of him. My husband and I, are grandparents away from our grandchildren, they are in Spain. Happy Holidays for you and your family, dogs included.
By the way, can you tell me the name of the songs and who's the second player, yes I'm curious...

Jenn in GA said...

the songs are amazing grace and o holy night. the second player is our son's teacher and the song he's playing is go tell it on the mountain.

do you and your husband have a webcam? that is a great, inexpensive way to stay in touch. or skype.

Darcie said...

Thanks for sending the video. It was great to see and hear.

cnahrstadt said...

How wonderful! I won't have to buy any more Christmas cds. Michael can just record some Christmas music and I will play his cd.

Very proud of him and anxious to see you all.

Grandma Nahrstadt

Donna said...

BRAVO! Michael, it's great to see and hear (!) music coming through another generation of our family! Keep up the good work! --We're iced in today so have more chances for fun things like this! Have a good trip north in the coming week. Love, Aunt Donna

Kyle said...

Tell Michael I said great job!
I see the piano becoming what the acoustic guitar was for my generation.
For me, all the christian girls loved a christian guy who could play the acoustic guitar.
The piano is Michael's acoustic.

Beware mom.

But honestly, it was great to get to hear him play. Because of course Allison and I would have loved to be there to support him. Who knows, maybe eventually we'll be closer. [=

Have a great Christmas Nahrstadt family!!