Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Countdown Box Experiment-- Day 3 and A Card

For those of you who have been patiently waiting, here is the card I made today. I swore last year I would NEVER use pink for Christmas, but then I realized that I'm okay with pink poinsettias and red pointsettias. At Hobby Lobby I even saw a blue pointsettia (all aglitter and FAKE, mind you), so this is my homage to the Christmas flower.

I liked this retro feel that Lydia created in her card yesterday, so I set about to incorporate it into mine today. So I pulled out Season of Joy and got down to business.

I have enjoyed using my own concoction of Dazzling Diamonds glitter and clear embossing powder to get my glitter to stay put. Each of these flowers has it, and was stamped with Versamark. I tried stamping with the classic ink and then lining up the stamp with the ma-jig to go over it with Versamark, but that was too much trouble and didn't result in a more vibrant color at all.

I used Pretty in Pink, Cool Caribbean (remember this color from the ORIGINAL InColors?), and Real Red. Quick, simple, and clean. The size is a little different--3.5" x 10.5". Why? Just because...

Now, for those who are stopping by to hear about today's Christmas Countdown Box, here's what we learned. Did you know there's a verse of "O Holy Night" that we don't sing? It's true! I wrote it out (you can read it here, courtesy Wikipedia) and asked whoever found the box to guess what carol it belonged to. Michael guessed immediately, since OHN is the carol he's playing for his piano recital next Friday.

I gotta confess that these are getting harder to come up with by the day! Bob says I need to start putting some kind of reward in the box--like CANDY. I suppose he's right. Still, I'd like to come up with some cool stuff that would really engage everyone and be creative. I should've started this project earlier!

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Lydia said...

Wait - no pink? Please don't visit my blog! :)

THis is stunning - I especially like the multicolored greeting.

I cannot believe I've been stamping all these years and never mixed my glitter and EP.

Love your boxes and had no idea about the verse - what a beautiful song that is.

I'm gonna throw in with Bob - you're gonna need to pony up some chocolate little missy!!!