Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Little Something Different

Before we return to card posts, I'm going to share a writing exercise I did yesterday. I took 5 minutes and wrote whatever came to mind on the topic "5 Years Ago". This is something GypsyMama organizes weekly, and I enjoyed it enough I just might do it again. Here's what I wrote:

"Five years ago was a time of waiting. I was restless, yet each morning I went as if almost drawn by a magnetic force to my chair in the small living room. I sought the Lord daily, rehearsing His truth-filled promises and waiting expectantly for His answer. He was faithful to my request to know His will, and we pulled up 15-year stakes from the Mayberry-esque Midwest town we loved and moved South to Georgia."

Follow the link and see what others have shared!

Be back soon with many card posts. I've been craftin'; I just haven't had time to post!

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thegypsymama said...

The Midwest to Georgia, eh? Now, that's a cultural move, for reals! Thanks for sharing and playing along :)