Wednesday, August 25, 2010

20 Years and Counting my Blessings

Twenty years ago today, I married Bob Nahrstadt Jr. This is what we looked like on that unusually cool, beautiful day.

Here's what we looked like Saturday, when we went out to celebrate our special occasion.

We had a quiet, low-key dinner at Wild Fire Grill in Sandy Springs. Bob chose the restaurant because it was the closest thing he could find to Houston's, a restaurant we loved going to while we dated. Just as we were leaving the restaurant, it started to rain. We sat in the car 20 min., reminiscing to the soundtrack of our dating months (we only had 3 before we were engaged).

When the rain stopped and we got out of the car to go have dessert at Alon's, we discovered a full double rainbow in the sky above us. To me, it was symbolic of our life together. It has been BLESSED. Blessed with unconditional love. Blessed with soul synchronicity. Blessed with growth. Blessed with passion. Blessed with peace.

While Bob isn't one to really need a card for any occasion, I couldn't let this one pass without something to commemorate the milestone. I used the rainbow as inspiration, as well as hearts for all the love we've shared. I punched the hearts from various security envelopes I'd saved, thanks to inspiration from Lydia of Understand Blue. I stuck them on Brights Collection buttons and tied silver cording through each one, since platinum is the modern gift for this anniversary.

I looked online to find out how many days, weeks, and months we've been married and stamped them using my retired, yet go-to number set, Headline Numbers. The interior message reads: "It all adds up to 20 years, but you had my heart from day 1."

I love you, sweetie! Thanks for making 20 years seem like finding the pot at the end of the rainbow.


paperpotter said...

Congratulations, and here's to 20 more!

annie's mom said...

Hi, I am Lisa, a blog follower and former SU a matter of fact paperpotter above is my good friend. Here's hoping for at least 20 more for y'all too. So I must ask, where did you live when you were dating? We lived in New Orleans, and my husband gave me my engagement ring at Houston's. I miss it too!

trixerelixer said...

i *love* that card! what a cute & precious idea!

gitz said...

I love the card, but I love the photos even MORE. You both look so lovely and happy... makes my heart smile.