Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Ain't Your Mama's Box of Christmas Cards!

I know there hasn't been much to view this week. After all that mass production on Monday, I was not really in the mood to go near my craft room the rest of the week! Even though I wasn't feeling crafty, I continued to read blogs, and I earmarked several things to try.

I came home from Starbucks with this massive ache near the nape of my neck, radiating upward into my scalp. YUCK! I took ibuprophen and that didn't work, so I resorted to my chilled sock filled with rice. I am happy to report that I can now turn my head to the left. This put me in a better frame of mind to consider making something.

Earlier this week I saw what's officially referred to as a pizza box, due to how the lid hinges open like the famous fast food container. It's made from designer series paper, and is very elegant, in my opinion. What's AWESOME about it is that it's an excellent container for 4 or 5 standard sized 4.25" x 5.5" cards and their envelopes. What a Christmas gift for a coworker or party hostess or neighbor or teacher!

This interior view shows how great designer paper works as the medium for this box. The box is automatically decorated inside and out with NO work on your part. I'm lovin' this! Thank you, Susie Nelson, for doing all the math on this project.

The November Stamp-A-Stack will feature 5 Christmas cards with this box as a bonus. Are you coming? The gals I mass produced all those cards for will get one too.

ON A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NOTE: my son has discovered Weird Al, the guy who did parodies of all the great '80's music, perhaps most notably "Eat It" (originally "Beat It" by Michael Jackson). Oh my how these song lyrics stay in my head, and I find this very ironic, since I can't remember having to be somewhere, but these lyrics won't LEAVE my brain's hard drive! I didn't like him all that much the first time around, and now I get to hear him again! Some things about being a teenager must be classic.

Happy rest of this lovely fall weekend to you!


Sue said...

Nice box! and kids could quote you Weird Al and they are getting close to 30!

kat said...

I'd LOVE to know how to make the pizza box!!! It's darling. Do you have a website you can refer me to or a tutorial somewhere? I hope so!!

Jenn in GA said...

kat--if you want to see a tutorial for this, go to this link:

mybeautifullove said...

hey jenn!
thank you so much for the offer of a place to stay! kyle actually has family in georgia, his aunt and uncle, and we're going to stay with them. i think they're about an hour away though, so it may be something we would take you up on after the party on saturday night. i'll talk to him and let him know we have that option!

and even though that crazy movie has us both completely freaked out, i would never lump you in with those kinds of Strangers! :)


whittakerwoman said...

Hi! I wanted to ask you about maybe doing some name tags for our party or some paper things. Lets talk about that. I deleted your email... Will you email me. Thanks. H

sandra said...

I like the pizza box!!!