Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm Losing My Mind

I do not know what to do. I'm so ashamed, I can hardly stand it. I'm not this kind of person, ya'll! What have I done? I've missed 2 doctor appointments that have been scheduled for Michael, and we've been late to a third because I nearly forgot that one.

I really don't know what's happening. I'm not a forgetful person! I'm organized; I have had all these marked on my old-fashioned pencil and paper calendar that I carry in my purse, as well as on the family electronic calendar in Google. What's going on?!?

If anyone has any ideas to help me get out of this scary spiral, I'd appreciate hearing them. I'm embarrassed beyond belief, because the nurse herself called me yesterday to confirm the appointment and I profusely apologized for missing the last one and told her that we would be there, "come hell or high water. I will not forget!"

I know I'd be ticked, perturbed, confused, irritated, frustrated, and put out if I were Stephanie. How do I face this woman? I just pull up my big girl panties and own my early onset dementia and set another appointment...and have my husband take him.

Seriously, I'm perplexed. Any idea what's going on?


Lydia said...

You are not losing your mind. Well, if you are, we all are, so that makes you.. normal.

You are just busy. I have multiple layers of reminder stuff also, paper and electronic, but here's what you need to do. The Google Calendar is the world's best invention, but you're not in front of the computer all the time. Paper doesn't talk to you or tap you on the shoulder, which is what you (and me and everyone else) need..

Go into your Google Calendar and set it up to SMS text you your reminders. Set up your mobile phone in there, and then each time you set up an event on the calendar, you can choose an email reminder or an SMS text reminder. Then set your phone to an audible SMS text alert and keep it with you.

This is how feeble people such as myself cope with life.


Nancy said...

You may have to much on your mind and or stress, a new medication or could you be menopausal? Make sure you keep yourself hydrated with fluids throughout your day. At night before you go to bed when there are no distractions make a list of what you have to accomplish the next day. If this loss of memory keeps presisting you may want to make a visit to your doctor it could be as simple as your potassium level is off. Good luck

Bob N. said...

You may be losing your mind, but I still think you're hot!


Nancy Riley said...

Jen, are you in your 40's? I am, and there's LOTS of unexplainable things going on with my mind and body! LOL!

Anonymous said...

You're not losing your mind. You just have too many things on it and when one thought comes in, another one has to go out. (that's my tale)

Put a calendar on your frige and write appts on it and look at it every day, once or twice. That works best for me. I also put a sticky note on the coffee pot, dashboard of my car, etc.

You'll be all right.