Monday, November 16, 2009

These Should Bring Some Smiles

When I saw a turkey made with scalloped circles, I knew it would be a great craft to do with the families at the Ronald McDonald House as our November activity. These are actually bodiless at this point; I decided to do some of the tedious small detail work this afternoon so that the crafting would go more smoothly. Don't they just crack you up? You can check out this post if you want to see the finished bird.

If anyone is interested in joining me in this volunteer opportunity, feel free to contact me. I go monthly, and it's usually mid-week and mid-month.

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paperpotter said...

You know what I keep remembering? The card making event you had at Starbucks where people donated $5 and made a card. And then that other event, both for Ronald McDonald House, where people "purchased" a muffin and you spent DAYS delivering all of them! So awesome! I can't get our Starbucks in town to do anything toward ANY charity, not even the staff to volunteer anywhere .....