Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Candy--Corn, that is!!

Oh.My.Word. This is one of the most challenging times of the year for me to go to the grocery store. As soon as I walk through the automatic doors, I am BOMBARDED with displays of Halloween candy. I love the miniature packaging, and all the creative ways candy manufacturers have come up with to make their products "relevant" to the 1-day sugar rush we call trick or treating. But what REALLY makes it hard to avoid the magnetic pull toward the display is laying there (lying there?) in wait for me--BAGS of BRACH'S CANDY CORN.

DO NOT BE FOOLED--there is NO other brand besides BRACH'S when it comes to candy corn. All the other stuff is a sad, poor imitation of this marvelous confection of sugar, corn syrup, and honey. According to Wikipedia, Brach's estimates that Americans purchase enough of it to circle the Earth 4.5 times (if all the pieces were to be laid end to end). I do my part. It is simply amazing.

My dear friend Darcie lives in IL and shares my obsession with and adoration of candy corn. I thought of her last night as I was dumping a bag--yes, I can show some restraint, and Bob was with me--in my cart (NOT a buggy), and today, I was munching on some after lunch when I got the idea to make her a card shaped like the candy!

It came together with great ease. A strip of Summer Sun at the bottom, a wider strip of Pumpkin Pie in the middle, and some Whisper White left to peek through at the top. I measured in 1.5" from each side of the 4.25" x 5.5" base and cut on an angle to create my triangle. Then I used my corner rounder punch at the bottom to soften the edges, and snipped of the corners at the top with my scissors. As you can tell, I should've used my Bold Brights colors, but I didn't trust myself ot have the bag open while I was crafting, so I didn't compare colors before I was taking the picture. Still, I love it--and it's calorie-FREE!

I added the sentiment "Thinking of You" from Kind & Caring Thoughts on the outside, inked in Chocolate Chip, and put the accompanying "and it's all good!" on the inside. Wish I could be there to see her face when she opens the envelope in a few days.

What's your favorite Halloween candy, and why?


Carolyn said...

Candy corn is by far my favorite but I don't buy it. Once I start, it's virtually impossible for me to stop. I have no self control. I admit it.

sandra said...

I find candy corn "disgusting", but maybe it because I did not grew up with it (like peanut butter...). I just like chocolate...

Vanessa said...

What a cute card! Love it. Candy? I'll stick with anything chocolate.