Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coloring..."Inside the Lines" Person or Not?

I find coloring soothing. Focusing on creating a pattern with a palette of hues is a nice way to while away some time. The only problem on Monday was that I didn't have a lot of time. I needed to create a birthday card for my 12-years-old-today nephew Drew and get the card in the mail.

I don't have many stamp sets that are good for kids' cards, let alone one that would work well for a 'tween boy. I had to improvise, because I wasn't going to be caught dead in the card aisle at Kroger. I know you're tired of hearing about it, but I have to share that this color combination came from a shirt my husband purchased for himself! I used Baja Breeze and Tangerine Tango reinkers and a blender pen after stamping the Geometrics background stamp with Chocolate Chip.

The ribbon was an afterthought, and I think I should've left well enough alone. What's done is done, though, and Drew will only look at it for a few seconds anyway. Please look past the fact at the sentiment is slightly crooked. Did I mention I was pressed for time? I had to cut my losses and get it done.

Yes, I know I should've planned ahead more. This month there is a profusion of birthdays in the family--my little sister turns 40 on the 17th; my sister-in-law turns 38 on the 18th; and my brother-in-law turns 45 on the 21st. And, lest we FORGET, Mother's Day is Sunday! Do I have any of the birthday cards made yet? NOPE! I thrive on's a throwback to my days as a journalist. At least you know that means you'll have lots to look at in the coming weeks...some of you will enjoy watching me squirm, I know.

So, are you a planner or a procrastinator? An "inside the lines" or "outside the lines" colorer?

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sandra said...

I'm definitely a planner and I color inside the lines.....I already ahve one procrastinator and an "outside" the lines "colorer" (my husband), so we complete each other and the relationship is balanced