Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This is My Idea of Snow in January!

I'm a born and bred Hoosier, but in my 6th winter in the South, these are the kind of snowflakes I find myself preferring more and more. I don't mean to rub it in, but today is sunny sunny sunny and the temperature is 61 with NO WIND. It's glorious! Now, it was 43, cloudy, and rainy rainy rainy yesterday. Yesterday? Who cares about yesterday--it's SUNNY today! Alright, enough about the weather and more about the card.

This card's snowflake art started out as a lightweight cardboard box top protecting chocolate fudge. It had my attention at "chocolate fudge". The image was just a nice side feature. The ribbon came as part of another Christmas gift, I think. Anyway, they found themselves in proximity to each other on my dining room table one day, and instantly I knew there was a quick and easy card in my future. I'm posting this I'm thinking you might be like me and still have some Christmas cards lingering around your house that may have nice images that could be repurposed. That would make you feel better about them than you would if you threw them away, wouldn't it? I knew you were like me!

I cut the box top down to 4"x5.25" and mounted the ribbon scrap around the corners. I took a strip of Whisper White card stock and stamped "thanks so much" from Three Little Words in Real Red and mounted it across the middle. DONE!

Hope you find some gems in your Christmas card stash. But don't wait around too long to sort through them. Who knows? You might have spring in February and then your moment to use your wintry scenes will have passed!

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